Why tokenize?

By making ownership tokenised, investors can move from the world of certificates and trusted intermediaries to the digital disintermediated world of Blockchain.
Holding ownership of assets - by virtue of holding tokens ord trading them - become simple and efficient.


Innovation changes the placement and management function of the traditional investment process.
This enables new financing models.

access to 2 billion unbanked

New investors who traditionally had no access to invest can now participate.


Eliminates what makes trading private equity difficult today. Paper free and no 120-page LPA Agreement.


Every crypto wallet holder can participate globaly.


Traditionally illiquid assets can increase liquidity by Blockchain.


Fractional ownership unlocks unprecedented features.

invest worldwide

Securely and easy invest in opportunities arround the world.


Access to trading 24/7, no matter where you live.

network effects

Fractional ownership democratize financial opportunities.


Our services enable the process to tokenize assets, companies or funds.

issuer readiness

We support the issuer to administer their offering in compliance with applicable regulations and the legal guidance provided by the issuer's legal team.

token launch

Our consulting creates the concepts to implement and launch the token.

investor relations

Our global network helps to identify viable connections.

post sale support

After the token launch we support the token custody, exsiting social media channels and additional marketing or PR activities.


Digital transformation changes the way services are delivered.
The introduction of Blockchain and ability to tokenize business models open up exciting opportunities along the entire asset allocation and asset value chain. Together with pwc we introduce into the token economy and how it offers new opportunities for investment.
Associated risks should also be kept in mind.
Investing in Blockchain
23th november 2018, 10:00h, @pwc munich

token economy

We would like to highlight main topics in exciting lectures and discuss it with you. In addition, start-ups report from practice and present their respective token models.
We look forward to you!

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