Why EUT?

The Euro-Token (symbol:EUT) combines the stability and reliability of the established Euro with the efficiency of cryptocurrencies and creates confidence.


EUT solves the volatility problem and provides an effective tool to mitigate and control the volatility of the rising token economy.

extended market

EUT gives access to 2 billion unbanked and new investors who traditionally had no access to participate.


EUT creates a legal exchange between euro and digital asset.


EUT is open and every crypto wallet holder and merchant can participate globaly.


EUT combines all the benefits of digital currency with stability, convertibility and legal compliance, helping users enter and leave the crypto market.

easy access

EUT provides easy access for private or institutional capital.


EUT is available arround the world.


EUT is online and gives access to trading 24/7.

network effects

EUT helps to fraction ownership to democratize financial opportunities.

How to use Euro-Token


Instantly send and receive euros around the world.


Move instantly between euro and crypto.

save harbour

Enjoy the stability of euro by converting your crypto to EUT.

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combines euro stability with the efficiency of blockchain technology.